Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS)

The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is a professional association and member-based network for finance professionals around the world. 

The GCFS is dedicated to educating and advocating for corporate finance professionals internationally, developing and maintaining the highest professional and ethical industry standards, and supporting members with expert advice on best professional practices. 


Membership in the GCFS is open to the following groups:

  • CFI™ Certification holders: Individuals who have enrolled in and completed all the requirements for CFI's certification programs.
  • Honorary members: May be awarded by the directors to any person of acknowledged recognition in corporate finance.

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The Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS) is undergoing a legal process of establishing GCFS as a non-profit society, hence the membership to the society is suspended until the legal process is done.

An invite will be sent to CFI™ certification holders to join once the membership re-opens.
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