Affiliate Program

The CFI™ Affiliate Program has been designed for influencers, blogs and online businesses in Finance, Education, Career Development, and Tech to earn a commission from student referrals, simply by publishing content on your own blog, social media pages or company website.



CFI™ Affiliate Partners earn 20% commission for each student who enrolls in any of CFI™’s programs using their unique referral links and banners. Our course bundles range from $497 to $847 USD — meaning you could be earning up to $169 USD for each student you refer to one of our programs! Participation in the program is totally free and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

As an Affiliate Partner, you will gain access to a dedicated account manager, exclusive discounts for your audience, and an extensive content library to help you succeed.
Our affiliate marketing provider is Rakuten -  an integrated platform that allows advertisers and publishers to share marketing banner ads, affiliate links, track sales and receive payouts.
How do I apply as an Affiliate Partner?

1. Create a publisher account.
2. Search for CFI in the “advertiser search” box at the top of the page.
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Approved partners can use the Links tab to get links and banners to display on your site and earn a commission for purchases through your tracking links!

Can I receive a unique offer due to the country my blog/website/organization operates out of?
No, we maintain a consistent offer across all affiliates globally regardless of the country or currency you operate within. The exception to this is unique offers created for our long-standing, high-performing affiliates.
Why was my application to participate in CFI’s affiliate program denied?
At CFI, our primary goal is to provide value for our students as the world’s leading financial analyst training providers. As such, we value keeping a consistent brand and standards across all our digital content. We approve influencers, blogs and organizations producing high-quality and engaging digital content in the eLearning, Education, Career Development, Tech and Finance industries. We do not approve influencers, blogs or organizations producing content in unrelated topics or industries; nor do we approve coupon or deal websites.


CFI™ has an extensive library of valuable free resources, articles, ebooks, downloadable templates and video tutorials. Our online library allows you to save time and money on content creation by linking to the complementary resources that we have developed to educate your audience and help them achieve their professional goals. We encourage our affiliate partners to share CFI content with credit on your site, blog, email newsletters, or social media channels to broaden your reach and provide value for your audience!

What images or graphics can I use for my affiliate content on my blog or website? Can I create my own graphics, or use any images I find on the CFI website?
Our dedicated graphic and visual designers produce a range of different banners and images for your affiliate websites, blogs and social media posts. These are all available to you once approved as an affiliate through the Rakuten portal. If you have a specific need outside of this, please reach out to our team at [email protected] If you would like to use an image you find on our company website in your affiliate content, you are required to receive approval via email from our team first.


All commission payments through Rakuten are eligible to be paid out once the referral sales pass the 30-day guarantee period. Affiliates’ commission will then be paid out by Rakuten based on Rakuten's payment policies and schedule.
Is there a way for me to see how many students I have referred, and track my affiliate earnings?
Yes, Rakuten provides an integrated platform that allows advertisers and publishers to track commission sales and payouts directly through their platform.
If a student purchases one of CFI’s programs after reading my content — but they didn’t use my direct link — can I still receive a commission from this sale?
No, affiliate referrals can only be tracked when students use your direct links to purchase CFI’s programs.