CBCA® Full Immersion Features

Our most premium CBCA® Full Immersion Bundle provides a comprehensive program with real insights into tasks faced by credit analysts and those in commercial banking on a daily basis. 


Features Information

Please refer below for more information on the additional features included in the Full Immersion Bundle & CBCA® Program:

1. Complimentary Printed Certificate

  • Certificate printing fee for your CBCA® certificate will be waived, which is 97 USD. 
  • Printed in high quality, on large size certificate paper measuring 11.0 x 14.0 inches.
  • Delivered with tracking, to anywhere in the world, within 5-7 business days.

2. Premium Email Support 

  • Receive one-on-one email feedback from qualified financial analysts, enhancing your learning development, and improving your financial modeling skills. 
  • Note: You can ask up to 5 questions per week and receive detailed feedback from our qualified program specialist. 

3. CBCA® Beta Course Access

  • Access soft launch courses before anyone else.
  • Become an expert or improve your professional skills by learning about new topics.

4. CFI Program Discounts

  • 20% Off FMVA & Other Programs
  • Example: FMVA Self-Study price after discount = $397.60

5. Additional Practice Case Studies

  • Take advantage of exclusive real-world cases, which you can view here
  • Work on common problems experienced by financial analysts every day.

6. Résumé & Cover Letter Feedback

  • Obtain a comprehensive review of your résumé from one of our in-house financial analysts. Receive honest feedback on your skills and expertise from experts that know the industry. Get personalized recommendations that will increase coherency and impress employers.

7. Free FINMO Competition Entry

  • Take part in the international CFI Financial Modeling Competition.
  • Compete by building a financial model in a “real-world” simulation.
  • WIN USD $10,000 worth of cash prizes and contend to be the best in the world.

8. Additional Practice Case Studies and Premium Templates

Full-Immersion students can take advantage of exclusive real-world cases. Please click here to view for more information on bonus case studies and premium templates. 

Case Studies & Premium Templates Information

 The extra case studies currently available in the Full Immersion Bundle are:

  • Cool Tech Climate Solutions Case Study
    In this case study, you will become the credit analyst by immersing yourself in a simulation client file. You will review the due diligence package, conduct a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of the prospective borrower and transaction, then provide your recommendations around credit structure. Finally, you will complete a full credit application with your formal proposal for the adjudication team

We are continuously adding to our case studies library as they become available (constructing case studies is a detailed and time-consuming process) and once enrolled you will have 2-year access to these materials as well. 

The premium templates in the Full Immersion Bundle are: 

1. All-in-One Financial Model (LBO, M&A, 3-Statement Model) Template 

  • This all-in-one advanced valuation financial model analyzes a merger. The model integrates both DCF and LBO into the analysis. This is an advanced model for experienced finance professionals who are looking for an extensive analysis of a merger. Each part of the deal will be first analyzed individually for a granular and thorough analysis. This all-in-one financial model is one of CFI's most comprehensive financial model templates. 

2. REIT Financial Model Template 

  • This REIT financial model template acts as a guideline for modeling a real estate investment trust (REIT). This model will help you get an understanding of the financial workings of a REIT. Real estate investment trusts (REIT) are firms that specialize in managing real estate to generate cash flow and income. Since directly investing in real estate requires huge amounts of capital, REITs provide an investor with the opportunity to invest in real estate even if they lack the ordinarily required funds. 

3. Restructuring Financial Model Template 

  • This restructuring financial model template is used to demonstrate the financial interactions behind the restructuring process. Adjust this model to fit your needs as you conduct your financial analysis. For example, this model can be used when a company undergoes restructuring to prepare for a sale, merger, or acquisition. Alternatively, you can use this model in a more distressed scenario, such as chapter 11 bankruptcy, where a company must restructure while emerging from bankruptcy.

4. Bank Financial Model Template 

  • This bank financial model template is used to value financial institutions group (FIG) companies. This is a comprehensive model that analyzes the historical financial statements of a bank and forecasts five years of financials in order to reach an implied share price. This model can be fully modified and applied to any bank or other FIG company. Use this model to build out scenarios and test multiple business cases for financial institutions groups.

5. TMT Company Financial Model Template

  • This TMT financial model template is used to value technology, media, and telecom firms. This model provides a template to use and apply your own assumptions to see how they would affect a TMT firm. Included in this model is a three statement model of projected financial statements as well as a DCF analysis. Use this TMT financial model template to test out different business states and conduct scenario analysis on a TMT firm! CFI also has a free telecom industry comps template if you are interested in seeing a different form of valuation!
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