Macabacus - Full Immersion Feature

CFI students enrolled in our Full Immersion bundle and are first-time Macabacus customers are eligible for an extended, 12-month access period for Macabacus software, the leading productivity solution for finance professionals. 

IMPORTANT: Enter your CFI code when prompted to initiate your Macabacus access as described below. This code can be found under your Student Dashboard > Integrations > Macabacus

Please follow the following steps:

Download the Macabacus installer.

Run the installer and follow the prompts. 


Open Excel, PowerPoint, or Word and click the  key icon on the Macabacus tab. 


Enter your CFI code in the resulting pop-up window. DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. The code can be found on your Student Dashboard under Integrations > Macabacus

Enjoy the features of the Macabacus add-ins. 

NOTE: Additional installation guidance is available in the installation instructions.