BIDA™ Career Information

The BIDA™ certification teaches students how to draw descriptive and predictive insights from data. Through many applied examples and case studies, students will learn how to apply business intelligence and quantitative analysis techniques to all sorts of financial data.

Some common career paths include the following:

  • Data Analyst - collect and transform data, create data models and metrics that can be used to analyze performance
  • Business Analyst - combine analytical skills with intimate knowledge of a business to help drive performance
  • BI Developer - maintain data flow, build data models or create dashboards
  • Data Visualization Analyst - deliver and present data through dashboards and visuals that help businesses make better decisions
  • Quantitative Analyst - apply statistical models to financial and risk management problems

Common Questions

Is the BIDA the right program for me?

Business Intelligence skills are incredibly transferable since they are relevant to any data-driven industry! Whether you're from the retail, travel, human resources, or finance industry, you'll be using the same skills & tools needed to be a world-class data analyst!

We highly recommend you to check our Introduction to Business Intelligence course. In this course, you'll learn how the different roles in a BI team support a business and see how the core business intelligence tools can help you work with all kinds of data.