CBCA Program Addition and New Requirement

This email communication was sent to students on June 1, 2021

Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)™ certification holders have spoken, and we listened! 

Based on your feedback, we will be implementing the following changes to our CBCA® certification program effective July 1, 2021:

  • The course Financial Analysis Fundamentals will be removed from the CBCA® program and replaced by an industry-specific course titled Financial Analysis for Credit.

The course aims to give students a specific focus on the most important credit metrics that commercial bankers and credit analysts will use in their careers.

  • The course Loan Pricing will be moved from an elective to a core requirement for program completion.

The change aims for all program participants to get a clear understanding of how default risk and loan structure translate into credit spreads and overall profitability, by working with an example loan pricing model.


To ensure a smooth transition in your learning journey, we are putting the following guidelines in place:

  1. If you complete or have already completed, the Financial Analysis Fundamentals course ahead of July 1st, you will not be required to complete the Financial Analysis for Credit course (although we recommend that you still do because it will support you in your exam preparation!).
  2. If you complete or have already completed the Loan Pricing course as an elective ahead of July 1st, you will not be required to take an additional elective course.
Please direct any other questions or comments to CFI’s Student Support team by sending us a message or emailing us at [email protected]