How to Add Your Profile to CFI™ Professional Directory


Only FMVA®, CBCA®, CMSA®, and BIDA™ holders can be added to the CFI™ Professional Directory. 

To be added to our CFI Professional Directory, you would need to set your credential profile as public. If you initially opted to set your profile as Private when you received your FMVA®, CBCA®, or CMSA®, please follow the steps below. Otherwise, you should already be visible on our professional directory

1. Log in to your credential profile on  AccredibleIf you have not set your password for your credential profile, click Forgot your password? to create your password. 

2. Click Directories

3. Turn on the Visibility Settings. 

4. Customize your profile as you wish. 

5. Click Save

6. Done. You can now view your profile on our professional directory! 


Once you turn on the visibility setting of your profile, your profile will be:

  • Visible to anyone with the link
  •  It can be shared on social media
  •  Will be visible in search engine results

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