Migrating Your Enrollment to the New Dashboard

We are excited to give you a new learning experience on our brand new dashboard!

When you log in to your previous dashboard (courses.corporatefinanceinstitute.com), you will be prompted to migrate your account to the new dashboard (learn.corporatefinanceinstitute.com). Just click on 'Migrate Now' and follow the steps on the platform.

Migrating your account will successfully transfer:

 Your email address

 All completed courses:

Migrating your account will not transfer:

✘   Your password. You will have to create a new password.

✘   Progress for any incomplete courses

Please note that all partially completed course progress will not be transferred over to the new dashboard. However, all of your completed courses before migration should reflect on your student dashboard. 

If you are halfway through completing a course, you may complete the course before prompting to migrate to the new dashboard or start anew after migration.

Need help with how to navigate the new dashboard? Check this article to help you out!