ALX Dashboard Walk-Through

Welcome to your personalized CFI dashboard curated for you in partnership with ALX🎉

In this article, we will provide tips on how to navigate your CFI Learner's Dashboard:

Weekly Syllabus
My Notes
Transcripts & Certificates
Skills Practice

Dashboard: ^

Starting on the main page of your account, the "dashboard" option on the top left of your sidebar will allow you to pick up where you left off once a course has been started.

Some helpful insight you'll find on your dashboard:

  • Average score
  • Courses completed
  • Active courses
  • Certifications earned

You'll also see a moon in the upper right-hand corner to toggle between light and dark mode.

Weekly Syllabus: ^

Below the dashboard option, you can find the weekly syllabus. This is your weekly program outline, guiding you through which courses to take each week to ensure you complete the required content prior to the certification exam.

Courses: ^

Once your program begins, you’ll see content located under the courses dropdown. This curated list of content is required to complete your FMVA program.

Note: please keep in mind that content will be available once your program is slated to begin per the ALX timeline.

Once you’re able to access courses, please consume the courses in the order they are presented.

My Notes: ^

Once you begin a course, you’ll have the option to take notes that will be saved under the courses dropdown. You will have settings available for closed captioning, video resolution, and audio speed.

Transcripts & Certificates: ^

You can now navigate to course completion certificates under the transcripts and certifications section.

Please know that once you successfully complete the FMVA certification, you will still have ALX requirements to complete.

Once these are met, you’ll be presented with an option to download your CFI FMVA certification.

Skills Practice: ^

The next sidebar navigation is skills practice. This section includes the skills assessment portion that will be a helpful elective resource in your FMVA journey.

Support: ^

Should you need assistance with any content-related areas, you will see an ask a question option under the support dropdown.

This feature will allow you to submit a question directly to our program specialists via email for guidance.

In the event that you have a technical need or question, our help center can be accessed via the orange chat bubble on the right side of your screen.

This feature is searchable with documentation related to commonly asked questions (FAQ).

If further assistance is required, simply click the ask tab at the top and submit a support request directly to our team.

This completes our CFI dashboard walkthrough. Best of luck and again, welcome to CFI. We look forward to you starting your FMVA program soon.