Email Support for Course-Related Questions for ALX Students

CFI courses are designed from the outset to be self-taught. We always aim to provide all the information needed to succeed in the program on your own. 

In this article, we will provide tips on how to find support options:

Help Center
General or Technical Support

Support: ^

For any real-world examples and to help dive even deeper into the course concepts, we offer a free resources library.

However, learners from ALX with the CFI partnership will get access to premium email support from our program specialist team.

For support options, please see the menu bar on the left of the main dashboard page and click the drop-down under "Support."

Here, you'll see a menu of two service options: Help Center and Ask a Question. 

Help Center: ^

The Help Center is here to help you search and find answers to frequently asked questions and has resources for you to use. 

Just type in a keyword that is relevant to your question and you may be able to find the answer you were looking for. 

Ask a Question: ^

Finally, if you weren't able to find an answer in the Help Center and you have a course-related question, you may Ask a Question to one of our Program Specialists. 

Here are examples of the kinds of questions students ask:

  • In the Business Valuation Modeling Part I course, module "Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)" video "WACC Formula", at time 0:20 the instructor refers Kd to as the after-tax cost of debt. Is the cost of debt essentially the same as the interest rate on the debt?
  • Course: Financial Analysis Fundamentals. Spreadsheet: Efficiency ratio solution. Row 86. Working Capital Funding Gap. The figures are less than 0, so negative. What does this mean?
  • Video: Completing the supporting schedules in Course Advanced Modelling and Valuation - I’m getting lost by the machinations, so apologies if this answer is from the left-field: Why are we using Goal Seek, when the result in line item #179 is the difference between Closing balance and the PP&E on the Balance Sheet?

Please note that you are allowed to ask 5 questions per week, so use them wisely! :)

General or Technical Support: ^

In the event that you have a technical need or question, our Help Center can be accessed via the orange chat bubble on the right side of your screen, and submit a support request directly to our team.

Please note that Customer Support cannot answer questions in relation to tutoring for your course content. Having said that, here are some examples of questions you may ask the support team:

  • I can't log in to my account, can you please help me? 
  • I was unable to download the Excel spreadsheet for (name of course), could you send it to me?
  • I have now passed the FMVA, but I can't locate my certificate. Can you please find it and send it to me?