Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we will provide answers to the questions regarding the following topics:

Physical Certificates
Completion Time
Certificate of Completion
Annual Membership Requirement
FMVA and BIDA Program Access
Retake Courses
Membership Fees
CMSA Program Access
Monthly Subscriptions

Physical Certificates ^

Q: There's an option on the CFI website to order a physical copy of the certificate, will this cost extra?

A: Upon completion of the FMVA and/or BIDA program you will receive a downloadable certificate. If you would like to purchase a physical paper certificate this option will be available for $97 USD via the LMS. (FAQ)

Completion Time ^

Q: On the CFI site it is stated that FMVA training may take 4-6 months while FA via ALX training will take 2-3 months. Any difference in the value of the two certificates? 

A: While there is no difference in the value of the certificate, the curated content in partnership with ALX has been aligned with an escalated time frame to fast-track you to career readiness.

Exams ^

Q: Should the assessment on the CFI Dashboard be completed before the course begins? 

A: Content should be taken in the order it is presented in the CFI LMS. No exams should be taken prior to completion of the required courses to ensure you are prepared to complete the exam with the knowledge to gain a passing score. 

Certificate of Completion ^

Q: Is the certificate after completion of the program going to be from the CFI or ALX? 

A: The certificate of completion will be from CFI. This will be available upon completion of the CFI exam as well as the ALX program. 

Annual Membership Requirement ^

Q: Like other professional bodies, will annual membership with CFI be required?

A: Annual membership is not a requirement to maintain your membership. While CFI promotes a community of finance professionals and would enjoy supporting your learning efforts long-term, there is no requirement to maintain paid membership. 

FMVA and BIDA Program Access ^

Q: There are two certifications from CFI, the FMVA & the BIDA. If we fail to be in the top 30 percent, can we still get an FMVA certificate? 

A: All participants will begin with the FMVA program, upon successful completion of the FMVA program the top 30% of participants will move on to the BIDA program content. Should a participant not pass the FMVA exam on their first attempt they will retain access to the FMVA program to retake both the content and the exam without restriction. 

Retake Courses ^

Q: Before I found out about ALX, I had already completed and received certificates for some of the FMVA no-cost modules on CFI. Will I have to retake these? 

A: Any courses previously taken on the CFI platform will count as completed on your ALX dashboard, you can retake these however it will not be required. 

Membership Fees ^

Q: Will I incur membership fees in the future? 

A: You will have access to CFI for 12 months at no cost to you for continued learning. Should you wish to retain all access to CFI after this time period you would be responsible for establishing a paid membership. 

CMSA Program Access ^

Q: Is there a possibility to take the Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA) CFI program in lieu of the Business Intelligence and Data Analyst (BIDA) program? 

A: Post FMVA (and BIDA for participating learners) you will have all-access membership to CFI. This access will include CMSA should you choose to participate. 

Monthly Subscriptions ^

Q: Do you offer monthly subscription plans?

A: As of the moment, we currently do not offer the option of a monthly subscription plan. Please be advised that the $41.42 displayed is the estimated monthly expense for the annual subscription pricing plan. Check out our subscription options here!