Refinitiv Access - Full Immersion Integration

Refinitiv provides leading data and insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms that connect a thriving global financial markets community. This tool is crucial for driving performance in trading, investment, wealth management, regulatory compliance, market data management, enterprise risk, and fighting financial crime.

If you’re keen on using Refinitiv Workspace to gain an edge on the competition, you may refer to this article on how to get Refinitiv access at a discounted price by being a CFI Full Immersion learner. 

In this article: 
Refinitiv Full Immersion Benefits 
Refinitiv Course in CMSA
How to Access the Refinitiv Course from Your Dashboard
How to Redeem Refinitiv Access Step by Step 

Refinitiv Full Immersion Benefits  ^

As a Full-Immersion learner, you can gain 3 months of discounted access to Refinitiv. The price for three months is normally $2,000, but with your CFI discount, the integration would cost a total of $291 or $97/month (equal to 96% off). 

Rifinitiv platform benefits: 

  • Market-leading content 
  • Consistent data model
  • Singular access point
  • Flexible distribution
  • Could-enabled 
  • Workflow applications

Refinitiv Course in CMSA ^

The Refinitiv Workspace Fundamentals Course highlights some of the key features and functions of the Refinitiv Workspace. You will learn how to create your own workspaces, how to access company information such as financials and estimates, and how to monitor stocks using the chart app.

The Refinitiv Workspace Fundamentals Course is free and offered to all learners. And, if you’re taking the CMSA program, this course is included as one of CMSA’s prep courses. 

Learn more about the Refinitiv Workspace Fundamentals Course here

How to Access the Refinitiv Course from Your Dashboard ^

From your dashboard, navigate to the menu on the left and click “Course Library.” From there, type in the course name in the search bar.

Click on “Start Course” to begin learning. 

How to Redeem Refinitiv Access Step by Step  ^

As a CFI full immersion learner, you can receive access to Refinitiv from your dashboard. 


Go to Dashboard > Integrations > Refinitiv 


Click the link at the bottom “Add your name and email to our waiting list here to gain access to Eikon at periodic intervals.” 


Enter your information in the questionnaire. This step will ask for your credit card information to make the $291 USD payment for three months of access. 


Once you are finished entering your information, you’ll get immediate access to the Refinitiv platform. 

Can I request access to Refinitiv several times within my subscription period?

Please be advised that you can only request access to Refinitiv once, even if you renew your subscription yearly.

Can I request access to Refinitiv at any point during my subscription year?

Yes, you can access Refinitiv at any time in the year if you purchased the full-immersion subscription.

If I upgrade from self-study to Full-Immersion, can I take advantage of the Refinitiv access?

Upgrades work slightly different. To take advantage of Refinitiv, you would need to request an upgrade at least 3 months before your current subscription is set to renew or expire.