FPWM Program Information

CFI’s Financial Planning and Wealth Management (FPWM®) program will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a successful financial planner or wealth advisor through a comprehensive, on-demand course catalog.

The FPWM will add value to your career, whether you are an aspiring financial advisor, or an experienced advisor looking to take your practice to the next level. By following our curated curriculum designed for all learners of all experience levels, you will develop the skills to build and grow a practice to advise a wide range of clients with varying levels of complexity.

Take the first step to becoming a world-class financial advisor and learn the economic, financial product, and portfolio management skills necessary to drive your career forward.

In this article we will go over the following information regarding the FPWM Program:

Subscriptions and Inclusions
FPWM Program Requirements
Duration and Mode of Delivery
Who Should Take the FPWM Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Inclusions ^

To gain access to the FPWM program, you will need to purchase a subscription plan for individuals or for teams. 

We offer two plans:

  • Self-Study for 597 USD/year:  includes access to all program courses, learning materials, certificates, and an exclusive library of modeling templates
  • Full Immersion for 847 USD/year: includes everything in the Self-Study Plan  with additional features like 1-on-1 feedback on financial models, additional case studies, resume assistance, and more

Each of the above subscription plans includes CFI’s entire course catalog and provides annual access to the study materials. 

There are no additional fees required to earn the digital certification. Once enrolled, you will get instant access to the courses, assessments and exams, study materials, and all future FPWM® course upgrades within your active subscription period.

FPWM® Certification Requirements ^

The FPWM consists of prep courses, core courses, and elective courses. Please refer to the FPWM page to view the certification requirements.

The prep courses are completely optional. However, we always recommend learners take the most prep courses possible as they can add value to your learning experience.

Each course has an assessment at the end to test your knowledge. The assessments consist of around 20 multiple-choice questions. You must earn a minimum of 80% on each assessment and can retake it as many times as needed.

Unlike the other certification programs, the FPWM does not currently require a final exam. 

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a blockchain digital certificate with your new credentials. 

You also have the option to order a physical certificate to be mailed to your door.

Please visit our Certificate FAQs for more information on certificates and where to order. 

Duration and Mode of Delivery ^

On average, our programs take between 4 and 6 months to complete. However, the time to completion depends on your availability. 

CFI programs are 100% online and self-paced. Once you start a course, your progress will be saved, and you can access it at any time. 

Who Should Take the FPWM Program  ^

Do you want to start your own practice or expand your career in financial planning or wealth management?

There are many careers that fall under this umbrella to choose from. 

If you want to be a financial planner, you will give financial advice about an individual’s long-term funds such as retirement savings, education funds, etc. 

On the other hand, as a wealth manager, you will advise high-net-worth individuals (>$1 million) on how to maintain wealth through different strategies. 

The path that is right for you depends heavily on your background experience. With CFI’s FPWM program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to perform each career path.  

Frequently Asked Questions  ^

  • Do I have the option to pause my studies?

To have access to the program, you'd need to have an active subscription. You can take them whenever your time permits. You can just click on 'Resume Course' at any time; rest assured that your course progress is saved each time you sign out of your dashboard. Please note that subscription plans cannot be paused.

  • I took the course assessment more than once; what score will this record on my transcript?

We offer unlimited attempts on the course assessments, and your transcript will show a PASS or a FAIL for your test score.