How to Contact the Customer Support Team

If you need assistance or have questions, our support team is here to help!

We have 24-hour, 7-day-per-week email support to answer your inquiries as soon as possible. 

Email: [email protected]

Please email us for inquiries about billing, as we are not able to resolve them over the phone due to privacy reasons. 

When to reach out to us: 

  • You would like to know more about our programs, career paths, requirements, and certificates. 
  • You are experiencing technical difficulties and can not resolve them by following the basic troubleshooting steps
  • You have a question about your subscription and billing. 
  • You need information about CPE credits and CPA hours.
  • You would like to submit feedback on our courses and learning materials. 
  • You have questions about our subscription plans. 

If you have course-related questions, please see here