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About CFI for Teams

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Getting Started

Learn about CFI™

Read about CFI's accreditation and affiliations.

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CPE Credits

Understand how to claim CPE credits for completing CFI courses.

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Free Courses & Resources

Browse through CFI's free learning materials.

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Programs, Bundles, & Courses

Learn how to achieve CFI's premium finance designations and certificates.

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Billing & Subscription Plans

Manage your billing and enrollment with CFI.

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Promotions & Sales

Watch out for ongoing discounts and how to claim them.

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Financial Assistance

Follow these instructions to apply for Financial Aid.

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Learn more about our Financial Aid solution and Scholarships

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Learning Basics


Helpful articles to all learners included in the ALX Financial Analyst Program.

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Getting Started

Learn how to set up your account and navigate your student dashboard.

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Managing Your Account

Customize your account information.

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Completing a Course

Understand the steps to completing a CFI course.

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Completing a Program

Follow these steps on how to complete a CFI certification program.

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Troubleshooting Guides

Solve multiple technical difficulties that you may experience in the dashboard.

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Retrieving your Certificate

Learn how to claim your certificate for completed courses, bundles, and programs.

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Accessing your Full Immersion Features

For Full Immersion students, learn how to make the most out of your enrollment.

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Curriculum Updates

Read about important updates to CFI™ programs and courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get help on some of the most common questions about CFI.

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