CFI Community Overview

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our members-only CFI community! The CFI community is the perfect place for learners to ask questions, share feedback, network, and collaborate with one another.

Below, you'll find an overview of how to join the community. We'd love to have you join!

Community Guidelines

What are the rules of the CFI community?

We created the CFI community to help our learners thrive, feel part of a buzzing source of information, and interact with like-minded fellow members. We ask that our members adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 💙 Be kind and respectful
  • 🚫 No sales pitches
  • 📝 No sharing assessment or exam answers
  • 🎯 Stay on topic
  • 🔁 Avoid duplication
  • 🔐 Respect intellectual property and confidentiality
  • ⚠️ Report inappropriate behavior
  • 😃 Have fun!

How to Access the CFI Community

How do I join the CFI community?

You can access the community easily by logging into your account and selecting "Community" on the left-hand navigation menu.

  • Click Community on the left-hand navigation menu, and the homepage will open in a new tab/window.

Create Your Community Profile

How do I set up my community profile?

Once you've opened the community space and reviewed our guidelines, set up your profile so other members know who they're engaging with.

  • Select "Profile" from the left-hand navigation menu, then click "✏️ Edit Profile"
  • Your name should already be populated. Add your Job Title, Company, Location, and LinkedIn link to complete your profile setup. Click Update to save your changes.
  • Once you've started interacting with the community, you can also see your posts, replies, and spaces you're part of from your profile page.

Once you've opened up the community dashboard, introduce yourself! Share your name, job title, location, what you hope to gain from your community experience, interests, and anything else fun you want other members to know about you.

Community Spaces

What can I do in the community?

The community is organized into spaces to help you more easily navigate and participate in what you're most interested in.

At the top of the left-hand navigation menu, you'll see the basics: News & Updates, Guidelines, Community Feedback, and a link to take you directly to your Learner Dashboard.

Other spaces include:

  • Discussion Topics: Discuss various trends, industry concepts, finance disciplines, and more. Explore spaces about Financial Modeling, Valuation, Excel, Capital Markets & Investing, Business Intelligence & Data Science, FinTech, CFI Courses & Curriculum, Career Growth, Prompts & Polls, and Office Hours.
  • Educational Resources: Read-only resources that offer various educational assets, on-demand resources, and member-exclusive events. This space will feature existing content (e.g. Net Learnings & Deeper Dive), and will announce upcoming events like webinars and AMAs.
  • Regional Spaces: Meet, network, and knowledge-share with other learners in your part of the world—form study groups, discuss local trends and market dynamics, and more.

Visit the community homepage for a more in-depth walkthrough of each topic & spacs.

Types of Conversations & Content to Expect

What information is typically shared in the community?

  • Discussions about various industry topics, career paths, finance skills, CFI courses, and more.
  • Educational resources include webinars, podcasts, and member-exclusive events like AMAs that occur directly within the community. 
  • CFI course instructors, program experts, and other team members will be available to answer questions and offer guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the Community?

  • The community is available to Self-Study and Full-Immersion learners with active subscriptions.

How Do I Receive Community Notifications and Updates?

  • You’ll get in-app notifications for any posts you’ve interacted with (things you’ve posted, threads you’ve commented on or shared, etc.). To adjust your notification settings within a specific space, click the notification icon (alarm bell icon). Here, you can set the types of notifications you’d like to receive.

If my subscription expires, will I still have access to the community as a CFI certification holder?

  • Only active subscription holders will have access to the community. If you are an FMVA certificate holder, you may join our FMVA holder's LinkedIn group, which follows the same guidelines as the community.

Can I get help with my CFI account and billing through the community platform?

  • Please email us at [email protected] for help with your account. Inquiries about billing and accounts will be redirected and deleted from the community platform.
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