CFI Community

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our dedicated CFI community! A community presents a number of opportunities for engagement, questions, feedback, and network and collaboration with one another.

We'd love to have you join, so here's a walkthrough of the community and some extra information to get you going!

Community Features

Our community is here to help our learners strive and feel part of a buzzing source of information and like-minded members. For this reason, we've set pillars that include the following:

Interaction & Networking

Empower you to ask others questions, form study groups, share templates and best practices, and support one another.

CFI Engagement & Expertise

Allows you to tap into CFI’s collective expertise via instructor AMAs, moderated discussion groups, curated feedback sessions, and more.

Exclusive Content

Offer member-exclusive webinars, challenges, guided learning, and other resources.


You can actively engage with the community via leaderboards, contests, badges, prizes and more.

How to Access CFI Community & Walkthrough

You can access the community easily by logging into your account and navigating to Community on the menu on the left.

Click on Community and a new tab will open up, allowing you to view the community's main page.

Our community is organized in “spaces.” These spaces can be considered forums or groups designed to facilitate certain types of discussions, share specific content or resources, etc. 

Here’s a look at the available spaces:

Discussion Topics: spaces where you can discuss a variety of trends, industry concepts, finance disciplines, and more. We currently have Financial Modeling, Valuation, Excel, Capital Markets & Investing, BI & DS, FinTech, CFI Courses & Curriculum.

Community Resources: a collection of spaces including CFI News & Updates, Member Guidelines, Introductions, and Community Feedback (allows you to share ideas, upvote submissions, and ask questions about the community). 

Educational Resources: a read-only space that will offer a variety of educational assets, on-demand resources, and member-exclusive events. This space will feature existing content (e.g. Net Learnings & Deeper Dive), and will announce upcoming events like webinars and AMAs.

Regional Spaces: a place where you can meet, engage, and network with other learners in their part of the world—forming study groups, discussing local trends and market dynamics, and more. Currently includes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Please visit the community home page page for a thorough walkthrough of the spaces.

Types of Conversations & Content Included in the Community

To ensure the community is robust and filled with information, we'll host several types of content, including and not limited to the following:

  • Discussions about a variety of industry topics, career paths, finance skills, CFI courses, and more.
  • Educational resources including webinars, podcasts, and member-exclusive events like AMAs that take place directly within the community. 
  • CFI course instructors, program experts, and other members of our team will be available to answer questions and offer guidance on a variety of topics.


Who can access the Community?

The community will be available to all Self-Study and Full-Immersion subscribers.

How Do I Receive Community Notifications and Updates?

By default, you’ll get in-app notifications for any posts you’re active on (e.g. things you’ve posted, threads you’ve commented on or shared, etc.). To adjust your settings within a specific space, simply click the notification icon (alarm bell)—here you can set what types of notifications you’d like to receive.

If my subscription expires, will I still have access to the community as a CFI certification holder?

Please note only active subscription holders will have access to the community. If you are an FMVA certificate holder, you may join our FMVA holder's LinkedIn group, which follows the similar goals as our community.

Can I get help with my CFI account and billing through the community platform?

Please reach out to customer support at [email protected] for help with your account. Inquiries about billing and accounts will be redirected and deleted from the community platform.