CFI for Interns

CFI offers courses and content that enrich your intern and new hire programs, setting your members up for career success through role-ready, practical skill application. We help finance work.

Elevate Your Intern Experience with CFI

As you prepare for the arrival and onboarding of summer interns and new hires, are you equipped to get them role-ready and productive quickly? Get them up to speed with  CFI’s Intern Programperfect for new hires and interns.

Combining the flexibility of online courses, hands-on practice, and personalized learning paths, CFI delivers practical skills and the confidence to put them to work. All on-demand—saving you valuable time and energy.

Features include:

  • 12 weeks of unlimited CFI access
  • Exclusive pricing
  • 200+ courses, 5,000+ lessons, and labs
  • Role-based Learning Paths
  • Guided case studies
  • Downloadable models
  • Hundreds of productivity templates
  • Management dashboard and reporting
Covering topics such as Excel, financial modeling, data science, accounting, business intelligence, and countless others, you’ll have everything you need to drive real, long-lasting success.

"CFI Closes the gap between theorhetical knowledge learned in college and practical skills employers are looking for."

— Joseph Cozzolino, Financial Solutions Advisor at Merrill Lynch

Content Curated by Experts

An investment in CFI means an investment in your team members' careers. CFI provides unlimited access to over 200 courses and 5,000+ on-demand lessons. Our content includes fully verifiable CPE/CPD credits and is continually refreshed to ensure skills are industry-relevant and ahead of the curve.

Experienced Instructors You Can Trust

All CFI courses and content are created and led by experienced professionals who have built success in their own careers and are dedicated to ensuring the same for their students. Every lesson and resource is thoughtfully designed to build practical, role-ready, competitive skills, from investment and commercial banking to capital markets to business intelligence.

Learn More by Connecting with Our Team

To learn more about CFI and how we can partner to support your intern and new hire training, contact our sales team at [email protected]. We can't wait to talk to you!

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