Business Intelligence Analyst Specialization

CFI’s Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) Specialization prepares you to Discover the world of business intelligence through task-based learning with industry-leading tools. Learn to visualize data with charts and graphs to create interactive and informative dashboards, and increase your productivity with the skills & knowledge to automate and streamline data transformation and analysis to save hours of time.

The article below contains the following information about CFI's Business Intelligence Analyst Specialization:

Skills You'll Gain

Data Transformation & Automation, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Modeling and more.

BI Analyst Skill Chart

The BI Analyst Specialization is great for Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Specialists, Finance Analysts, Data Scientists, and more.

To enroll in the BI Analyst Specialization Program, you must have an active Self-Study or Full-Immersion Subscription. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

No additional fees are required to earn your certification once you've enrolled.

Business Intelligence Analyst Specialization Requirements

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  • Step 1: Prep courses. These courses are optional but serve as a good refresher of the fundamentals.
  • Step 2: Complete all required coursework.
  • Step 3: Complete at least three of the available elective courses.
  • Step 4: Sign the CFI Honor Pledge. Program candidates must sign and abide by the CFI Honor Pledge to receive and maintain program certification. Failure to abide by the CFI Honor Pledge will result in the revocation of one's certificates.
  • Step 5 (optional): View and download your online certificate & student transcript.

Duration & Delivery

Lectures, study materials, and exams are all online and accessible worldwide, allowing the program to be completed anytime on a self-paced timeline. 

The estimated time required to complete the Business Intelligence Analyst Specialization is 97 hours.

Career Paths

CFI's BI Analyst Specialization is designed to help students develop real-world analytics skills, including creating and dashboarding insights for stakeholders, manipulating and connecting related data to supercharge their work, and using industry-standard tools like Power BI, Tableau, and SQL.

  • Data Analyst: Data Analysts analyze data from various sources by creating models and metrics. They collect, transform, and format data for analysis and sharing.
  • Business Intelligence Specialist: Business Intelligence specialists use a wider skill set, including SQL and Data Visualization. Yet, Excel remains popular for quick calculations and basic models.
  • Data Scientist: Data Scientists again use various tools to create predictive models and analysis. Again, Excel is a useful tool to manipulate data and interrogate smaller datasets.
  • Finance Analyst: Finance analysts perform many of the same tasks as data analysts, but using specific finance data. Microsoft Excel is by a significant margin the most widely used analysis tool in Finance.
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