Financial Model Feedback

Need a second set of eyes? Exclusive to Full-Immersion members, submit and receive feedback on your financial model from our experts. They'll evaluate your model's format, layout, and logic and ensure it aligns with industry-standard, best-practice financial modeling. We're here to help you succeed in the classroom and on the job!

Submitting a Financial Model for Feedback

How do I submit a financial model for feedback?

To submit a financial model for feedback, log in to your dashboard, navigate to "Full-Immersion Tools" on the left-hand toolbar, and select "Financial Model Feedback."

Enter the following information:

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  • Upload Model [required]

Click "Submit Financial Model."

Financial Model Feedback Timeframe

How long will it take for my financial model to be reviewed?

Please allow up to five business days for one of our qualified, in-house financial analysts to provide comprehensive feedback.

Full-immersion customers may submit one model for evaluation per week.

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