Skills Assessments

CFI's Skills Assessments allow you to check your skill level in each subject category and test your readiness for our courses and programs.

Each assessment tests your skills in a specific area of banking or finance, which helps us make recommendations on what content you should focus on to fill any skill gaps.

What Skills Assessments does CFI offer?

CFI offers Skills Assessments on the following topics:

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription are Skills Assessments included with?

Skills Assessments are free to take and are available to any CFI learner. Click any of the links above to test your skills today!

How many questions is each Skills Assessment?

  • Each assessment is 20 questions (except Financial Modeling, which is 15).

Are Skills Assessments timed?

  • Yes. The time allowed per question varies based on the difficulty level.

Can I retake a Skills Assessment if I am unhappy with my score?

  • Skills Assessments can be retaken, but only after you have completed the courses recommended after your first attempt.

Can I pause during a Skills Assessment and come back to finish later?

  • No. Once a Skills Assessment has been started, closing the window will count as an attempt.
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