The CFI Career Map

Within the finance and banking industry, no one size fits all. Those interested in making a career change or entering the workforce for the first time can take advantage of the diverse range of job opportunities available in the industry. But where to begin? At CFI, we’ve created an interactive career map to help you plan your journey.

Discover your next role in finance and banking with CFI's Interactive Career Map.

How Does the Career Map Work?

The purpose of the CFI Career Map is to give you real-world insight into the many careers in finance and banking to help you discover your ideal career path.

This map explains the job duties, qualifications, compensation factors, and relevant CFI courses you need to succeed in the role.

Because finance and banking encompass a wide assortment of job classifications and positions, we’ve broken down the industry into four types of employers:

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Sell-Side Banks

Buy-Side Institutions


Professional Services Firms

How Do I Use the Career Map?

Curious about where to start? Here’s how to use the map:

  1. Explore your options: Scan the map for a high-level summary of the finance and banking industry and how the four major types of employers organize their internal departments. Click on the employer and department categories for more information about these divisions.
  2. Learn more about specific roles: For jobs that interest you, click on the position to get a deeper look at what it takes to succeed, how new recruits break into the industry, job qualifications, and more.
  3. Begin your career path: Once you know what skills and knowledge are required for the role(s) you want to pursue, explore CFI’s vast catalog of courses and certifications to choose the courses you need to effectively begin your new path in the finance and banking industry.

CFI is proud to provide an exceptional learning experience that allows professionals in all stages of their careers to level up their skills and pursue new opportunities. Start your journey with us today.

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