How to Set Up CFI's Chrome Extension

CFI is excited to announce our free Chrome Member Start Page! This fun addition lets CFI learners access their Member Dashboard, Course Catalog, Template, Resources, and Community directly from a new Google Chrome tab.

This article will explain installing and removing the member start page extension.

Installing the CFI Member Start Page

How do I install CFI's Member Start Page?

  • Click here to open the Google Extension overview.
  • Click "Add to Chrome."

  • Confirm you want to change your default start page by clicking "Add Extension."

  • The next time you open a new Chrome tab, you will be prompted to "Keep" or "Change back" your default start page.

  • Click "Keep it" to confirm the change.
  • You'll now see the CFI Member Start Page whenever you open a new Chrome tab.
  • Check out Dark Mode by toggling the crescent moon icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Removing the CFI Member Start Page

How do I remove CFI's Member Start Page from Chrome?

Follow the steps below to revert your start page to Chrome's default.

  • Click here to open the Chrome extension page.
  • Click "Remove from Chrome"

  • Confirm your selection by clicking "Remove."

  • Your Chrome start page will revert to the default view.

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