February & March 2024 Course Releases

Our content team is always hard at work creating new courses, challenges, assessments, and more to keep our learners at the top of their game! Below is a summary of all the new learning content we released in February & March 2024.

You can always find everything new we have been working on through our website's "What's New" section.

Course Name Program/Topic What You'll Learn
Professional Excel Forecast Model Design FP&A Industry-leading model design practices. Create a dynamic table of contents and discover efficiency hacks using keyboard shortcuts.
Professional Formatting & Revenue Forecasting FP&A The complexities of FP&A models and elevate your proficiency with expert guidance from CFI.
Professional Headcount Forecasting & Analysis FP&A Budgeting and forecasting for headcount and monthly employee costs. Explore top strategies, compare techniques and practice model checks.
Developing a High Impact Financial Plan FPWM How to develop a high-impact financial plan.
AI-Enhanced Financial Analysis FMVA How to bridge the gap between traditional financial analysis and the innovative world of generative AI technologies.
Professional Contractor Forecasting & Analysis FP&A How to build best-in-class contractor schedules for FP&A models
Professional Debt and Capex Forecasting & Analysis FP&A How to build best-in-class schedules for tracking capital expenditure and debt

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