Course Removal | Equity Trading Fundamentals

📣 Effective July 7, 2024, CFI will no longer offer the Equity Trading Fundamentals course.

Announcement Date Effective Date
June 6, 2024 July 7, 2024

Summary of Changes

  • On July 7, 2024, the Equity Trading Fundamentals course will be removed from CFI's course catalog.

Impact on Learners

  • Learners working to finish Equity Trading Fundamentals must complete the course before the removal date.
  • Learners who earn/have earned their course completion certificate before the removal date will not be impacted. Certificates will remain valid indefinitely.

Impacted Programs

  • Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA®): Equity Trading Fundamentals will be removed as an elective from CMSA® on July 7. Learners who have selected this course as an elective but have not earned their certification before July 7 must choose another elective to complete the CMSA® program.
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