Mobile Friendly CFI Courses

While most of our courses must be taken on a computer, we have a selection of mobile-friendly courses you can watch on the go. Our mobile-friendly courses have been designed and optimized for easy access and usability on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

A list of all our mobile-friendly courses is in the article below.

All Mobile-Friendly CFI Courses

Course Name Program Difficulty Duration
Analyzing Growth Drivers & Business Risks CBCA Level 1 2h
Assessing Management CBCA Level 2 2.5h
Asset Classes and Financial Markets FPWM Level 2 2.5h
Banking Products and Services CBCA Level 1 4h
Behavioral Finance CMSA Level 1 4h
Carbon Market Fundamentals ESG Level 3 1.5h
Careers in Commercial Banking CBCA Level 1 1h
Convertible Bonds CMSA Level 4 3h
Corporate Finance Fundamentals FMVA Level 2 2.5h
Cryptocurrency Intermediates: Altcoins, Stablecoins, CBDCs and NFTs Crypto Level 2 3h
Cryptocurrency Intermediates: Bitcoin Explained Crypto Level 2 3h
Cryptocurrency Intermediates: Understanding Ethereum Crypto Level 2 2h
Economics for Capital Markets CMSA Level 2 3h
Economics for Financial Advisors FPWM Level 1 2.5h
Effective Communication for Client-Facing Advisors FPWM Level 1 2h
Evaluating a Business Plan CBCA Level 2 3h
Foreign Exchange Fundamentals CMSA Level 1 2h
Forms of Business Structure CBCA Level 1 1.5h
Fundamentals of Credit CBCA Level 1 2h
Giving Effective Feedback Leadership Level 1 2h
Greenhouse Gas Accounting ESG Level 3 2h
Introduction to Agribusiness CBCA Level 1 1.5h
Introduction to Banking CBCA Level 1 2h
Introduction to Business Intelligence BIDA Level 1 1h
Introduction to Capital Markets CMSA Level 1 2h
Introduction to Climate Risk Management ESG Level 1 2h
Introduction to Cryptocurrency Crypto Level 1 2h
Introduction to ESG ESG Level 1 1.5h
Introduction to FinTech FinTech Level 1 1h
Introduction to Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Industry and Careers FPWM Level 1 2h
Leading High-Performing Teams Leadership Level 1 1.5h
Portfolio Management Fundamentals CMSA Level 1 1.5h
Prime Services and Securities Lending CBCA Level 2 1.5h
Private Banking CBCA Level 3 4h





Level 1 3h
Profitable Lead Generation CBCA Level 3 4.5h
Repo (Repurchase Agreements) CMSA Level 3 3h
Having Difficult Conversations and Managing Conflict Leadership Level 1 1.5h

We recognize the convenience and accessibility a mobile app offers and are actively working on developing one so you can more easily learn with CFI anywhere, anytime. Stay tuned for updates!

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