People Management

Below are our how-to articles on managing your learners using the “People” tab on the Admin navigation menu.

Inviting Individual Learners

Select the ‘People’ tab on the left navigation list to add new learners to your account. Next, click the orange “Add Learners” button in the top right corner.

You can enter email addresses individually or paste in a list of email addresses separated by commas.

To enroll learners in a specific Group, use the drop-down arrows to select it. Then, click “Add Learners”. This will trigger an email inviting them to complete their account setup. 

Uploading Learners

To invite learners using a spreadsheet, select ‘Upload Learners,’ download and complete our CSV template and click ‘Upload.’ This will trigger an email to all learners on the sheet, inviting them to complete their account setup.

Inviting Managers

To add a Manager to your account, click the Manager tab. Click ‘Add Manager’, then enter their email address. Managers can also be assigned to specific groups using the dropdown picklist.

Clicking ‘Submit’ will trigger an email inviting them to log in to their Manager dashboard.

Managing Invitations

Learner Invitation Status

The ‘Pending invites’ tab will show you all learners who have not completed their account setup.

Resending an Invitation 

From the Pending Invites tab, you can see when a learner’s initial invitation was sent, resend it, or cancel it to invite another individual.

You can also send an activation link directly to a learner outside of the CFI dashboard. To access each learner’s unique activation link, click on their profile and “Copy Activation Link” at the top of the page. This can be helpful if invitations are being filtered into spam.

Unlicensing Learners

Select the All Learners tab to remove a learner’s access to CFI. You can search for the learner by name or email address or scroll through the list to locate them. Once found, click the red Unlicense link. This will free up a license, making it available for reassignment.

*Please note that this does not erase their user progress. It simply will remove their access to continue training.