Creating & Running Reports

Below are our how-to guides on using the "Reporting" tab on the left-hand navigation menu when logged into your CFI for Teams Admin dashboard.

Existing Pre-Built Reports

Where do I find reports on the admin dashboard?

As a CFI for Teams administrator, you can access several pre-configured reports through the "Reporting" tab on the left-hand navigation menu. Each report can be customized, filtered, and downloaded as a CSV file for convenient analysis and distribution.

Progress Overview

  • Provides course-by-course progress for individual learners.
  • Displays course start and completion dates, exam scores, time spent, and video watch time for each course.
  • Filterable by Learner Group, Course Status, Learning Path, and Individual Course.

Exams Overview

  • Provides detailed information on each exam attempt, including scores and completion dates.
  • Filterable by Course, Learning Path, and attempt status.

Learners Overview

  • Highlights overall learning progress for individual users.
  • Displays account creation date, last login date, courses completed, average course score, time spent, and video watch time.
  • Filterable by Learner Group, Learner status, Learning Path enrollment, and Course enrollment.

Groups Overview

  • Summarizes total progress for entire groups of Learners (if groups are configured).
  • Provides detail on the Group creation date, total number of Managers, the total number of Learners, Group time spent, video watch time, and average group score.
  • Filterable by Group status.

Learning Paths Overview

  • Provides detail on Learner progress by Learning Path, including total completed courses, start dates, and exam scores.
  • Reports on total time spent and video watch time for each Learning Path.
  • Filterable by individual Learning Path.

Creating A Custom Report

How do I create a custom report?

If our existing reports do not provide the view you're looking to report on, you can also create a custom report using one of the pre-built versions as a starting point. To start, click the orange +Create Report button in the top right of your screen from the Reporting tab.

Then, you can select the report you want to use as your starting point and click Next.

You'll then be prompted to select the metrics you want to include in your custom report. Do not select any criteria in the metrics dropdown menu to include all metrics.

Once you have decided which metrics to include, click next and follow the prompts to name your report. If you selected "Progress Overview" as your starting point, you can also set the timeframe in which the data in your report should be displayed.

To complete your custom report, proceed to the Confirmation stage. Here, you can review the report type and metrics to be included and generate your report for download.

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