In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Creating a custom report
Individual Learner progress
Learning Path progress
Exporting feedback

Creating a custom report ^

To pull a custom report, click the ‘ Reporting’ tab on the left navigation list. The orange button in the top right corner called ‘Create Report’ will be allow you to generate a report based on Learning Path, Group, Individual Learner and Number of Exam attempts. 

Individual Learner progress ^

On the left navigation list, select ‘ People’, then click ‘All Learners’. Here you will see a list of students on your account. 

To see individual learner activity and progress, click on their name to open their learner profile. The top of the screen will indicate Leaner insights such as Groups, Certificates, Courses and Hours spent. 

As you scroll to the bottom, you will see the learning paths that are assigned to the learner with a bar indicating how far they have progressed through the learning path. To see individual course progress, click the drop-down arrow to view which individual courses have been completed within the learning path.

Learning Path progress ^

On the left hand side click ‘ Reporting’ then click ‘Create Report’ in the top left corner. Next click “Individual Learning Report” and click 'Next'. Then select the individuals you want to report on and all metrics, ensure ‘learning path progress’ is selected. 

Click ' Next' and give the report a name if you and finally click 'Generate Report'. This will automatically generate a csv file with the desired information.

Exporting feedback ^

To train your workforce effectively, you will need to have control over the content that students are exposed to and the ability to monitor progress and manage personnel changes and track progress. The CFI™ Business Dashboard has been developed with all of this functionality in mind. It offers our clients key insights into the process of training their employees and the ability to make changes when needed. 

Along with the ability to track student progress on the administrator dashboard, we also offer the ability to view and export feedback that your students are providing on the learning materials. This feature was added to allow administrators/managers to ensure that the educational needs of their students are being met, and also to provide supporting data to the effectiveness of the training that can be used internally. 

Feedback can be viewed on the dashboard by clicking on  Courses > My Learning Paths and selecting the learning path of your choice. Once you have clicked on a learning path, you can scroll down to the bottom of the landing page and you will see a graphic depiction of the feedback students have provided as well as the option to 'Read All Feedback'.

If you click on this button, you will be taken to a separate screen that will show every review in detail and also allow you to read the comments left by students. At the top right corner of the screen you will have the option to export this data in the form of a CSV file so that you can use it for your own internal reporting. See below: 

The students within your organization will be prompted to provide feedback on any assigned learning paths, but only after they have completed all of the assigned requirements.