FPWM™ | Program Updates

This article contains the historical updates and changes to CFI's Financial Planning & Wealth Management Professional (FPWM™) Certification program.

Update History:

Update History

Announcement Date Effective Date
November 1, 2023 December 1, 2023

🗓️ Updates Effective December 1, 2023

Summary of Changes

  • On December 1, 2023, a final exam will be added to the FPWM™ program requirements.

Why did we make these updates?

The decision to update the FPWM™ certification program was made to achieve several key objectives:

  • Increase global credibility by aligning the program with the latest industry standards and best practices.
  • Provide learners with improved methods to evaluate their knowledge and identify areas to enhance their skills, supporting continuous learning and professional growth.

Impact on existing FPWM certification holders

  • Learners who complete their FPWM™ certification before December 1, 2023, will not be impacted by these program updates.
  • Learners who have not met all the requirements by December 1, 2023, must adhere to the updated requirements. These updated requirements are intended to enhance the value of the certification.

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