FPWM™ Program Updates

This article contains the BIDA® Program archive of changes:

Update 1.1
        • Summary of Changes
        • Why the Change?
        • The Impact

Update 1.1 ^

Announcement Date Effective Date
Nov 1, 2023 December 1, 2023

Summary of Changes ^

On December 1, 2023, a final exam will be added to the FPWM™ program requirements. You can find the details of the FPWM™ final exam here.

Why the Change? ^

The decision to update the FPWM™ certification program was made to achieve several key objectives:

Increase Global Credibility By aligning the program with the latest industry standards and best practices, we aim to elevate the FPWM™ certification's status worldwide. This ensures that it remains a highly regarded qualification among finance professionals.
Program Integrity It's essential to safeguard the reputation of the FPWM™ certification. These changes will maintain the program's quality and relevance, assuring both current and future participants of its rigorous standards.
Knowledge Assessment The updated program will provide learners with improved methods to evaluate their knowledge and identify areas where they can enhance their skills. This supports continuous learning and professional growth.

The Impact ^

I am already FPWM™ certified. How will this affect me?

If you have already completed your FPWM™ certification before December 1, 2023, you will not be affected by these program updates. Your certification remains valid and unchanged.

What if I started the FPWM™ program before December 1, 2023?

If you initiated the FPWM™ program before December 1, 2023, but have not met all the requirements by December 1st, you will need to adhere to the new program requirements to earn your FPWM™ designation. These updated requirements are intended to enhance the value of the certification.