Specialization Programs

CFI's Specialization Programs are expertly curated collections of CFI content that deepen or add to your areas of expertise and build topically focused knowledge on a specific subject. They cover high-demand topics in banking and finance, such as ESG, Data Analysis in Excel, Cryptocurrency, Commercial Real Estate, and more.

Once completed, you'll have a verified certificate to showcase your specialized skills. Specializations don't include a final exam and typically are shorter in length than a Certification Program.

Program Name
Business Essentials Specialization
Business Intelligence Analyst Specialization
Commercial Real Estate Specialization
Crypto Currencies & Digital Assets Specialization
Data Analysis in Excel Specialization
Data Science Analyst Specialization
Environmental, Social, & Governance Specialization
Leadership Effectiveness Specialization
Macabacus Specialization

An active, paid CFI subscription is required to complete a specialization program. Click here to review our membership options, select the plan that best suits your needs, and start learning today!

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