Certification Programs

CFI's Certification Programs are expertly curated, sector-focused collections of CFI content designed to develop important skills for today's in-demand banking and finance roles. Each Certification Program builds the knowledge and skills essential for success—whether you’re striving for career advancement or landing your first job. Once you complete a Certification Program, you can sit for one of CFI’s industry-recognized exams. Earning a CFI Certification lets others know that you are skilled and job-ready.

Starting and completing a Certification Program is the most popular choice among CFI learners and the best way to advance your skills and grow professionally.

Certification Program Designation
Business Intelligence & Data Analyst BIDA®
Capital Markets & Securities Analyst CMSA®
Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst CBCA®
Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA®
Financial Planning & Wealth Management FPWM™
FinTech Industry Professional FTIP™

An active, paid CFI subscription is required to earn a CFI Certification. Click here to review our membership options, select the plan that best suits your needs, and start learning today!

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