Role-Based Learning Paths

CFI's Role-Based Learning Paths are tailored courses to enhance your skills in specific finance and banking roles. From sell-side and buy-side firms to FP&A and wealth management, these paths cover over 20 roles, each curated to address the unique needs of each position.

Without a final exam and with a verified certificate upon completion, you'll efficiently master your chosen domain. Perfect for anyone looking to advance their career, these paths offer a direct route to becoming a role-ready expert in the finance industry.

A paid CFI subscription is required to learn more about what's included with each CFI's role-based learning path. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

If you're already a CFI member, ensure you're logged in, then simply follow the links below to see details about each role-based path.

CFI offers tailored, role-based education paths in the following areas:

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