Activating Your PitchBook Trial

CFI has partnered with PitchBook to bring our Full-Immersion customers a one-month free trial, including 40 profile views, 10 searches, and access to public and private company profiles.

This trial does not include access to investor, people, limited partner, service providers, or debt data sets.

Get Access to PitchBook

How do I access my free PitchBook trial?

Follow the steps below to access your one-month free trial of PitchBook, which is included with CFI's Full-Immersion subscription.

  1. Log in to your student dashboard and click "Full-Immersion Tools" from the lefthand navigation bar.
  2. Select Partnership Deals.
  3. Click the PitchBook tile.
  4. Click the orange "Get Access to PitchBook" button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Complete the questionnaire by entering your First Name, Last Name, email address associated with your CFI account, and your company or school name (if applicable). You must also confirm you have reviewed and agree to PitchBook's Terms of Use.
  6. Look out for an email from PitchBook containing your login information.

PitchBook access is authorized within the first week of each month, so there may be a slight delay between when you request access and when you receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I requested access to PitchBook but haven't received it. What is the delay?

  • PitchBook access is authorized within the first week of each month. So, if you request access on the 15th of May, you can expect to receive your access during the first week of June.

Can I change or extend my access dates?

  • No, dates cannot be changed or extended once you have received access to PitchBook.

Is PitchBook part of CFI?

  • No, CFI and PitchBook have partnered to bring Full-Immersion customers free trial access, but Pitchbook is not part of CFI's product offerings.

Can I request access to PitchBook multiple times during my subscription?

  • Free trials can only be redeemed once during your subscription, even if it renews annually.

Can I request access to PitchBook at any time during my subscription?

  • Yes, you can submit your access request anytime during your active subscription.

If I upgrade to Full-Immersion from Self-Study, can I get access to PitchBook?

  • Yes, all Full-Immersion customers can enroll in a one-month free PitchBook trial.
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