System Integrations - Full Immersion Feature

With your Full-Immerison subscription, you have access to several free bonus integrations.

In this article we will go over the following information regarding the Full-Immersion feature system integrations:

S&P Capital IQ

Please see the list below for more information on each trial and how to get started! 

S&P Capital IQ ^

2-month Free Access to S&P Capital IQ:

Access to sector-specific, comprehensive, and reliable intelligence to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Learn about:

  • M&A transactions
  • capital raising
  • target screening, and much more

For more information about how to activate your Capital IQ trial access, click here

Please note that the integrations above are not a part of CFI. CFI has partnered with Capital IQ and Refinitiv to offer our full-immersion subscribers bonus features. If you're having trouble managing your account on the platform or would like to know more about their products and features, please reach out to that platform's customer service line.

Frequently Asked Questions ^

Can I request access to integrations several times within my subscription period?

Please be advised that you can only request access to each integration once, even if you renew your subscription yearly.

Can I request access to the integrations at any point during my subscription year?

Yes, you can access the integrations at any time in the year if you purchased the full-immersion subscription subscription.

If I upgrade from self-study to Full-Immersion, can I take advantage of the integration access?

Upgrades work slightly differently. To take advantage of the integrations, you would need to request an upgrade at least 3 months before your current subscription is set to renew or expire.