Case Study Challenges

Challenges provide excellent hands-on practice in the skills you need to succeed.

Each Case Study Challenge provides a scenario, materials, and tasks to complete. After completing all tasks, compare your solution/answers to the video debrief/answer key so you can self-grade your work and understand any opportunities for improvement.

Case studies are only accessible to learners with a paid Self-Study or Full-Immersion subscription.

Case Study Challenges

These challenges will help you get hands-on practice, test your skills, and prepare for certification exams.

Locating Case Study Challenges

Where can I find case study challenges on the CFI website?

From your dashboard, these can be found under "Training Tools" on the left-hand navigation menu. Here, you can filter by Certification Program.

Case Studies by Program

What case studies are included in my CFI subscription?

CFI offers the following case studies:

Certification/Specialization Program Available Case Study Challenges

How do I get access to Case Study Challenges?

  • Case Study challenges are exclusive to our Self-Study, Full-Immersion, and CFI for Teams learners. Upgrade your subscription from Free to Paid by following this link!

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