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This article contains the historical updates and changes to CFI's Environments, Social, and Governance (ESG) Specialization Program.

Update History:

Update History

Announcement Date Effective Date
May 20, 2024 June 3, 2024

🗓️ Updates Effective June 3, 2024

Summary of Changes

On June 3, 2024, the following changes to the ESG Specialization Program will take effect:

Why were these updates implemented?

  • ESG has emerged as the definitive measure of management effectiveness in today's business world. Corporate finance teams globally are under growing pressure to steer their organizations through a complex landscape of ESG risks, regulations, and requirements. This course provides the essential knowledge and strategies to navigate these challenges and establish a comprehensive ESG risk management system within your company. As finance teams become the key drivers of corporate transformation, this course will empower learners with the skills and confidence to lead organizations in the 'age of ESG.'

Impact on Learners in Progress

Will I be required to complete ESG Risk Management if I am almost done with the program?

  • A notification was sent via email on May 20, 2024, to all learners enrolled in the ESG Specialization Program to allow for program completion before the new requirements went into effect.
  • Learners who earn their ESG Specialization Certificate before June 3, 2024, will not be required to ESG Risk Management.
  • Learners who have not earned their certificate by June 3, 2024, must complete the new required course to earn their certificate.

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