Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Demand for and interest in ESG has been growing, with many finance professionals struggling to make sense of new disclosure requirements and evolving investment mandates.

CFI is currently building the Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Specialization Bundle, which will confer the title of ESG Specialist on students who will complete the bundle. This bundle aims to narrow and allow deep focus on ESG, with particular attention to specific analysis techniques and actionable skills. 

The bundle will include a total of 7 courses that students need to complete to earn the credentials. See the "How It Works" section to view the list of courses. 

We plan to launch this bundle in early 2022. And while students will not be certified in the ESG specialization until this has been fully launched, you can pre-enroll now to get a headstart on your training! 

You can enroll in one of our pricing plans to gain access to this bundle. We offer annual subscription plans that give one-year access to ALL of our courses, which are priced at $497/year or $847/year. Check for more information about the fees here: Enrollment Fees

Once enrolled, you will get instant access to the courses, study materials, and any course upgrades while your subscription is active.

Common Questions

What are the pre-requisites required in order to enroll in this bundle?

There is no prior certification required to enroll, however, this specialization bundle is recommended for students and professionals with knowledge or experience in environmental, social and governance analysis. 

How will the courses be delivered?

All the lectures, study materials, and assessments are accessible online, and from anywhere in the world, that you can take wherever and whenever your time permits!

How long will it take to complete the ESG bundle?

The recommended time to complete is 30 to 35 hours, but there is no specific timeframe required to complete it. Feel free to finish it at your own pace!