Environmental, Social, & Governance Specialization (ESG)

CFI’s Environmental, Social, & Governance Specialization teaches the essential skills required to be successful in today’s rapidly changing financial landscape.

The nature of risks and opportunities facing the business community has evolved, and operators and capital allocators must better understand the implications. The ESG program includes a unique combination of theory and application, delivered in a condensed, self-paced curriculum that will better prepare you for today’s corporate pressures and stakeholder expectations.

Whether you’re a research analyst, investment professional, operator, business student, or board director, an ESG designation will broaden your horizons and provide actionable implementation strategies for you and your firm. Learn about sustainable investing and sustainable practices and become a certified ESG specialist.

The article below contains the following information about CFI’s Environmental, Social, & Governance Specialization:

Skills You’ll Gain

ESG Concepts, ESG Risks, ESG Opportunities, ESG Analysis, ESG & Business Intelligence, and more.

Asset Management, Management Consulting, Business Analyst, Credit Analyst, Corporate Development, Senior Leadership, and more.

To enroll in the ESG Specialization Program, you must have an active Self-Study or Full-Immersion Subscription. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

No additional fees are required to earn your certification once you’ve enrolled.

Environmental, Social, & Governance Specialization Requirements

Please click here and select “How it Works” to learn more about earning your Business Essentials Specialization requirements.

First and foremost: Sign the CFI Honor Pledge - Program candidates must sign and abide by the CFI Honor Pledge to receive and maintain program certification. Failure to abide by the CFI Honor Pledge will result in the revocation of one’s certificates.

  • Step 1: Complete all required coursework.
  • Step 2 (optional): Complete the case study challenge to apply your knowledge and skills by solving real-world problems.
  • Step 3 (optional): View and download your online certificate & student transcript.

Duration & Delivery

Lectures, study materials, and exams are all online and accessible worldwide, allowing the program to be completed anytime on a self-paced timeline. 

The estimated time required to complete the ESG Specialization is 30-35 hours.

Improve Your Skills & Advance Your Career

CFI’s ESG Specialization is designed to help students become Environmental, Social, & Governance specialists with valuable skills in investing, financial and corporate strategy, and more. Potential career paths include:

  • Asset Management: Enhance your ability to navigate the ESG landscape in professional investment or portfolio management for institutional clients.
  • Management Consulting: Support clients, including private companies, public issuers, and the investment community, in implementing effective, comprehensive ESG strategies.
  • Business Analyst: Distill complicated concepts and data to help management teams drive better performance and manage risk more effectively.
  • Credit Analyst: Incorporate ESG considerations and analysis techniques into your assessment of a borrower’s creditworthiness.
  • Corporate Development: Make more informed and nuanced decisions around organic and inorganic growth opportunities.
  • Senior Leadership: Make more informed strategic decisions by understanding how ESG issues create material risks and opportunities for your business.
  • Research: Conduct more comprehensive ESG-integrated analysis to inform buy, hold, or sell recommendations.
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