April 2024 Course Releases

Our content team is always hard at work creating new courses, challenges, assessments, and more to keep our learners at the top of their game! Below is a summary of all the new learning content we released in April 2024. Stay tuned for May's update!

You can always find everything new we have been working on through our website's "What's New" section.

Course Title Program/Topic What You'll Learn

Professional Financial Statement Aggregation & Analysis

FP&A Best-in-case practices for aggregating FP&A figures into financial statements.

Professional Dashboard Visualization & Analysis

FP&A Techniques for creating dashboards & visualizations in FP&A models.

Reading and Analyzing Bank Financial Statements 

Accounting How to calculate and analyze financial ratios specific to banking and interpret a bank pyramid of ratios.

Accounting for Business Combinations 

Accounting How to undertake a business consolidation, apply the equity method to investments where a company exerts a significant influence, and account for smaller equity investments.

Market Risk Fundamentals

Risk How to measure market risk using annualized standard deviation of returns and parametric Value at Risk.

ESG Risk Management 

Risk The fundamentals of ESG risk management and apply best practices for financial service providers and company operators.

Data Visualization

BIDA The importance of data visualization and how to use it to communicate messages faster and more effectively.
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