Financial Planning & Analysis Specialization (FP&A)

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is one of the most in-demand areas of finance. CFI’s FP&A Specialization teaches the skills and knowledge to excel as an FP&A professional by supporting business leaders with top-tier financial models, budgets, forecasts, analysis, and more.

You’ll learn to use quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate a company’s financial progress, develop clear, well-formatted Excel financial models, and use modern data tools like Power Query and Power BI to boost productivity and visualize your analysis.

Whether you're a financial analyst, finance student, accountant, or new to finance, earning an FP&A Specialization certificate will enhance your ability to shape the financial future of businesses and influence strategic financial decisions. Gain practical modeling, budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis expertise, and become a CFI-certified FP&A Specialist.

The article below contains the following information about CFI's Financial Planning & Analysis Specialization:

Skills You'll Gain

Accounting, Finance, Excel, Data Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Forecasting, Power Query, Power BI, and more.

The Financial Planning & Analysis Specialization is great for Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Corporate Development, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Equity Research, and more.

Enrolling in the Financial Planning & Analysts Specialization Program requires an active Self-Study or Full-Immersion Subscription. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

No additional fees are required to earn your certification once you've enrolled.

Financial Planning & Analysis Specialization Requirements

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  • Step 1: Complete all required coursework.
  • Step 2: Sign the CFI Honor Pledge. Program candidates must sign and abide by the CFI Honor Pledge to receive and maintain program certification. Failure to abide by the CFI Honor Pledge will result in the revocation of one's certificates.
  • Step 3 (optional): View and download your online certificate & student transcript.

Duration & Delivery

Lectures, study materials, and exams are all online and accessible worldwide, allowing the program to be completed anytime on a self-paced timeline. 

The estimated time to complete the FP&A Specialization Program is 70 hours.

Improve Your Skills & Advance Your Career

CFI's FP&A Specialization consists of hands-on courses delivering practical, real-world financial planning and analysis skills using the latest methodologies, tools, and techniques. Career paths include:

  • Financial Analyst - Work closely with other members of the finance team. Financial Analysts must regularly provide insights and recommendations to help in strategic decision-making. Also, Financial Analysts work alongside sales, marketing, and operations to support financial planning and decision-making. 
  • Project Evaluator - Work with project managers and senior management to evaluate potential projects and create project budgets. Project Evaluators also collaborate with marketing, engineering, and operations. Also, Project Evaluators with other financial analysts and members of the FP&A team for peer review and collaboration.
  • FP&A Manager - Lead an FP&A team and collaborate across departments for cohesive financial planning. FP&A Managers typically develop and manage the annual budget and forecasts. FP&A Managers also analyze financial reports for insights into company performance and make recommendations to senior management.
FP&A Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these courses help me advance my career?

  • Reviews from learners who have taken CFI courses include numerous stories about how people have been able to advance their careers. There is a proven track record of CFI graduates marking successful transitions into the careers of their dreams. This is based largely on the resources we make available to our learners upon enrolment. Our training is designed to be fully practical and simulate the experience of being trained as a professional financial analyst. Additionally, we offer a wealth of information through our free career resources. The unique blend of all these elements sets us apart from other eLearning platforms because we give you all the tools you need to create a successful career in finance.

What are the admission requirements for the FP&A Specialization?

  • This specialization is recommended for learners and professionals with knowledge or experience in financial planning and analysis. To take the courses and complete the exercises, learners only need access to a PC and/or Mac, Microsoft Suite (2016 or newer), and a stable internet connection.

How much time do I have to complete the courses?

  • Take as much time as you need. You will have access to all courses and all future upgrades in your subscription. You can review the video lessons as often as you like and complete the courses at the most convenient pace. All required courses, resources, and assessments to obtain the certifications will be provided as long as your subscription is active.

How are the exams conducted?

  • Learners must complete an online assessment (MCQs, Fill-in-the-Blanks, and Excel Questions) at the end of each course. You can take the exams on your own schedule and will need to earn at least 80% to pass the course and earn your certificate of course completion.

When was the Financial Planning & Analysis Specialization released?

  • The FP&A Specialization was launched on June 5th, 2024.
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