CPE™ Credits Information

CFI online courses count as verifiable CPE credits for CPAs and other accounting designation holders. Our courses offer hands-on training for financial modeling, financial analysis, and accounting topics. Students take our courses to continue developing their skills and technical knowledge. They can earn 115.5 CPE credits in total, after successfully completing all courses in CFI’s program.

Go here to view the number of credits you can earn from each course. 

Retrieving your certificate to claim CPE Credits

To earn a CFI certificate a candidate must:

  1. Enroll in any certificate level course
  2. Download the included Excel files
  3. Complete all of the video-based chapters
  4. Complete the exercises in your downloaded Excel files
  5. Pass all of the final assessments with an 80% grade (you can always retake the final assessments)

Please make sure that all of the sections in the course are marked with the checkmarks by clicking the "Complete & Continue button on the bottom center of the screen. 


You can access your certificates to claim CPE credits under My Certifications > My Credentials > CPE certificates on the right side.

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