CPE Credits & CPD Hours

CFI is an official NASBA sponsor. As part of this sponsorship, we offer CPE credits to our CPA learners in America and CPD credits to learners in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Curious to learn more about CPE requirements? Click here to read about Continuing Professional Education.

NASBA Registry Information

Earning CPE Credits and CPD Hours through CFI

How do I earn CPE credits through CFI?

To earn credits/hours, you must complete all course requirements and earn a course completion certificate. To earn a certificate:

  1. Enroll in any certificate-level course
  2. Download all included files
  3. Complete all video lessons
  4. Complete all downloaded exercises
  5. Score 80% or higher on all qualified assessments and exams

To confirm you have met all course requirements, ensure all checkmarks on the left-hand navigation menu are green. For any gray checkmarks, click "complete and continue" on the associated lessons to proceed.

CPE Credits Per Course

How many CPE credits can I earn from CFIs courses?

Click here to review how many credits can be earned from each course, associated field of study, and difficulty level.

You can also filter by NASBA CPE accredited courses from within your dashboard by navigating to:

  • Course Catalog ➡️ Courses ➡️ Click the NASBA CPE Accred

Retrieving CPE Credits

Where do I locate proof of my earned CPE credits?

After completing a CPE-eligible course, navigate to:

  • Your Dashboard ➡️ My Learning Journey ➡️ Transcripts & Certificates

Earning CPD Hours

Which courses can I take to earn CPD hours?

CPD hours can be earned by taking any CFI course and reporting your hours via your CPA account.

How do I calculate how many CPD hours I have earned through CFI?

The number of hours obtained can be calculated by looking at the duration of each completed course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retake a course in the future and earn credits from it again?

  • No. Credits can only be earned from a course one time.

The course I completed does not qualify for CPE credits. How do I get credit for it?

  • Every January, CFI submits our courses to NASBA for evaluation. This course may qualify for CPE credits in the future. However, please note that you can only receive CPE credits for a course if you receive the certificate within 60 days of completion.
  • You can retake the course once it qualifies for CPE credits. Once you've completed the course, please contact us by clicking the 'Help' button from the bottom right corner of this page to retrieve your CPE certificate.
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