CPE Credits from Free Courses

Are you a CPA holder required to earn CPE credits or CPD hours on a yearly basis? 

If so, CFI offers a variety of free online courses that count for CPE credits or CPD hours for CPAs and other accounting designation holders. 

While meeting the ongoing professional education requirements, our courses will also boost your knowledge in financial modeling, financial analysis, and accounting topics. 


If you are a CPA holder in the USA, you can refer to our list of free courses that are eligible for CPE credits below: 

Total CPE credits from free courses = 25

We submit our courses every January to NASBA, which determines how many CPE credits are granted per course. 

If we just launched a new free course, you will need to wait until January to see how many CPE credits it qualifies for. You will also need to wait until the new courses have been evaluated in order to earn your CPE credits. 

If you want to know more about all of our courses eligible for USA CPE credits, take a look at this article

CPA Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia

Earning CPA credits for a designation in Canada, the UK, and Australia looks slightly different than earning CPE credits in the USA. 

In this case, all free CFI courses qualify for CPD hours after they are published. 

You can calculate how many CPD hours each course counts for by looking at the time to complete each course. 

The time for each course is noted on the course overview. 

As an example, the Fundamentals of Credit course has 2 hours and counts for 2 CPD hours.