CFI's Free Courses and Templates

At CFI, we offer a variety of free courses and resources, such as templates, to help you solidify your knowledge and break into the industry.

While our main programs, including the FMVA, CMSA, BIDA, etc, require our learners to have a subscription, we know free courses and templates might be just what you need.

Free Courses

You can find our collection of free courses here. When you're looking for the right course, please make use of the filtering options available.

Use the cost filter to weed out the free courses, then use the filter options below to find free courses in specific programs or topics that interest you most.

You can also search for specific free courses by using the search bar provided.

Once you start the course, your progress will be saved and you'll be able to pick up where you left off once you're ready to continue. Just make sure you register your account before enrolling in the free courses since your course progress will be saved here.

How many free courses can I take?

There is no limit as to how many free courses you can take.

Is a free preview the same as a free course?

No, a free preview only allows you to complete a few lessons in a module of a course. You would need to pay to continue and complete the entire course, whereas with free courses, you can complete the entire course.

Do I get a certificate for free courses?

Yes, all free courses offer a free digital blockchain certificate upon completion.

Free Templates

CFI offers multiple free templates that you can download and use in your personal and professional life.

Once you find a template that speaks to you, you can download it by entering your information on the form.

Once you fill in the fields and click download, the template will automatically save to your downloads. You'll also receive it by email.

Keep these templates in a safe place so they don't accidentally get deleted.

Do the templates expire?

Once downloaded, the templates will not expire.

Are there also paid templates available?

There are templates available to Self-Study and Full-Immersion subscription holders. Similarly, these paid templates can be downloaded and stored on your computer.

Is there a limit to how many free templates I can download?

There is no limit to how many free templates you may download.