How to Take a Qualified Assessment

Qualified assessments are automatically-graded tests used to evaluate your knowledge in a course. The assessments are required at the end of every course to complete it and obtain your certificate. 

You can take the qualified assessments on your own schedule and will need to score at least 80% to pass the course and earn your certificate of course completion. 

All assessments are mainly made up of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and case studies.

Once you pass the assessments, you can obtain your certificate, share it with your social network, post it on your LinkedIn profile, and download it for your personal records.

In this article, these are the frequently asked questions regarding the assessments:

Assessment Retakes
Average Score
Review Results

Assessment Retakes ^

If you do not pass the exam, you will be prompted to retake it. 

We always recommend you review the course materials and modules again before jumping back into it for a higher chance of receiving a passing score. You may retake this assessment as many times as you need.

Average Score  ^

The Average Score metric on your dashboard tells you how much on average, you have scored in the qualified assessments and final exam.

For example, if you took your first course and scored 100% in the qualified assessment, your average score will be 100%. If you take a second course and score 89% in the qualified assessment, your average score will change to 95%. This figure will change each time you take a qualified assessment and score a different mark from your previous scores

Reviewing Results  ^

While we are unable to share the answers to the assessments to protect the academic integrity of our courses, we have made the correct/incorrect analysis of your course assessment available to you.

To view this, please go to the course you would want to view by following these steps:

Go to Dashboard > My Transcripts and Certificates > Click on the course name > Exam Results

And under the Test Results tab, just click on the Download Results button to view the analysis.