How to Take a Final Exam

Congratulations on your progress toward earning a CFI Certification! This article includes helpful information about how to take the next steps in your certification journey.

Exam Eligibility

How do I access the final exam?

To unlock a final exam, all program requirements must be met. This typically includes completing a combination of core courses, case studies, electives, and qualified assessments. To learn more about the requirements of each program, click here, then select the program you're curious about.

Once all program requirements are met, click "Begin Final Exam" from within the course.

Practice Exams

How do I access the practice exam?

Every CFI Certification Program contains a practice exam and a final exam. Like the final exam, the practice exam is timed. However, you can take it as many times as needed. We highly recommend students take the practice exam multiple times to familiarize themselves with the material thoroughly.

All program requirements must be completed before the practice exam will become available.

To locate the practice exam, navigate to:

  • Your CFI Dashboard ➡️ My Learning Journey ➡️ In-Progress Courses ➡️ Click on the Program

Scroll down and select "Take Practice Exam," then click the orange "Try Practice Exam" button to begin.

Exam Format

How are CFI's exams structured? Do I need to schedule a time to take the final exam?

  • CFI's exams are all taken virtually and can be taken at your convenience from the location of your choice.
  • You do not need to schedule the exam beforehand, but we recommend ensuring you have ample time allotted when you plan to begin.
  • All exams are timed and must be completed within the time limit. Once you begin, the exam timer cannot be paused.
  • Exams consist of randomized selections of multiple-choice questions.
  • A minimum score of 70% must be achieved to pass a final exam.

Exam Content

What will I be tested on during the final exam?

Exams cover content from core and prep courses. Content from elective courses is not included, but we recommend reviewing elective material to prepare yourself for the exam thoroughly.

Exam Retake Policy

Can I retake an exam if I fail the first time?

If the final exam is not passed on the first attempt, there is a mandatory thirty-day waiting period between exam retakes. This ensures ample time for students to study and practice before attempting to take the exam again.

As long as you have an active subscription, there is no fee to retake final exams.

Final exams cannot be retaken once passed.

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