Email Support for Course-Related Questions

In this article we will go over the following information regarding email support options:

Full-Immersion Support Options
How to Submit a Course-Related Question
Self-Study Support Options

Full-Immersion Course-Related Support Options ^

Email support is provided to our Full-Immersion subscribers by our team of in-house program specialists.

Submit a question from your dashboard, if you have questions regarding :

  • tricky Excel calculations
  • formulas
  • general course questions

Full-Immersion learners can submit up to 5 questions per week.

  1. To submit a course-related question, go to Premium Support > Need Help With a Course.
  2. Specify the information below, and click Submit Question.
  • (required) Course
  • (required) Chapter
  • (required) Lesson Content
  • (optional) Video Timestamp
  • (required) Question
  • (optional) Upload a screenshot or file

We encourage you to be as detailed as possible so the program specialists can give a hyper-detailed explanation of your inquiry.

Submitting a question interface overview

Self-Study Course-Relates Support Options ^

Self-Study learners do not have course content help included in the subscription.

The Self-Study bundle may be upgraded to the Full-Immersion bundle by paying the price difference.

Contact our Student Support team via email at [email protected] to know more.

You can find the benefits of each plan and compare them on our CFI for Individual's pricing page

Plan comparison

Rest assured that our Student Support team would be glad to help with:

  • General or technical inquiries
  • Account and billing-related issues
  • Feedback and errors in our courses
  • Technical issues with the platform and your device, etc.

CFI courses are designed from the outset to be self-taught and there shouldn't be anything in the assessments or exam materials that are designed to trick our students. We always aim to provide all the information needed to succeed in the program on your own. 

For real-world examples and to help delve even deeper into the course concepts, we offer a free resources library

CFI also offers a student community option:

  • An online CFI community for students to help each other succeed in the course. We highly encourage Self-Study learners to join the CFI community as it's a great place to ask questions and have conversations about difficult course topics. You may find a lot of support here to help you move through the courses seamlessly.

You can join the CFI community directly from your dashboard by clicking the "Community" button on the menu bar on the left. A new page will open.

CFI community

You can complete your profile and ask questions or participate in discussions on the many pages offered.

If you do not yet have access to the CFI community, please reach out to [email protected].