How to Share CFI Certificates on LinkedIn

Congratulations on earning a CFI Certificate! Now, it's time to show it off. This article will cover how to share your certificate on LinkedIn for everyone in your professional network to see and celebrate!

Adding Your Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile

This will tie your certificate to your LinkedIn profile unless you remove it.

How do I add my certificate to my LinkedIn profile?

Locate your certificate from your dashboard by navigating to:

  • ➡️ My Learning Journey
  • ➡️ Transcripts & Certificates
  • ➡️ Choose All Courses, Certifications, Specializations, or Role-Based Learning Paths depending on what type of certificate you've earned
  • ➡️ Click View

This will open up your certificate in a new window. On the right-hand side, you'll see the option to "Share Credential." Click Add to My LinkedIn Profile to open the dialogue box shown below.

Click "Add to my profile."

LinkedIn no longer shares profile updates with your network, so you may also want to share it by posting it to the newsfeed by clicking the Share button.

Your credential information will automatically be transferred to LinkedIn's "Add license or certification" form. You may also choose skills that correlate with your certification. Click Save.

Your certificate will now be visible to anyone who views your profile. Anyone who clicks the link will be taken directly to your credential to verify its validity.

Have additional questions about sharing your CFI credentials on social media? Send us an email at [email protected].

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