How to Change the Name on a Certificate

If there is a typo in your name, the wrong name has been used, or you need part of your name added/removed, you must submit a name change request to adjust your certificate. This article will walk you through the following:

Important Note: 

Your request will be seen and processed more quickly if you submit a name change request following the steps outlined in this article rather than replying to the email you received containing your credential.

Locate Your Certificate

Where do I find my certificate?

To complete the process outlined in the video above, please follow these steps:

  • ➡️ Log in to your dashboard
  • ➡️ Select My Learning Journey from the left-hand navigation menu
  • ➡️ Click Transcripts and Certificates
  • ➡️ Select All Courses, Certifications, Specializations, or Role-Based Learning Paths depending on the certificate you're looking for.
  • ➡️ Click View

Your certificate will open in a new window.

Sign In to Your Credential

How do I request a name change?

The option to request a name change is unavailable from the CFI dashboard. For security and integrity purposes, you must verify you are the credential owner before requesting a name change.

Please remember that name change requests are submitted directly to Accredible, not CFI.

To sign in and access hidden options, follow Accredible's article:  Access Hidden Options.

You must be logged in to Accredible to access hidden options. If you have never logged in to Accredible, you must create a new account to proceed with your name change request.

Login required to request a name change

Submitting Your Name Change Request

Where do I submit a name change request?

  1. Sign in to Accredible as described above
  2. Click the 'MORE' dropdown menu beneath your certificate's name
  3. Select the 'Request a Name Change' option
  4. Enter the name as you would like it to appear in both fields.
  5. Click 'Submit Request'

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I Have to Submit a Name Change Request?

The name change request process is required for security purposes, to prevent potentially providing a certificate to an individual who did not earn it, and to protect the integrity of your credential.

How Long Will It Take?

Accredible will typically provide an updated certificate within three business days. We ask that you please wait to follow up with our team on the status of your name change until after the three-day turnaround timeframe.

Important Next Steps:

Please update your CFI learner profile with your full legal name. Future certificates will pull the name listed on your account, so this information must be entered correctly.

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