Capital IQ - Full Immersion Integration

CapIQ (short for Capital IQ) is a market intelligence platform designed by Standard & Poor’s (S&P). 

The Capital IQ platform provides research, data, and analysis on private and public companies to help finance professionals perform an analysis.  This analysis may support transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and investment recommendations such as those made by equity research.

Learn how to activate your 2-month CapIQ Trial access with this video guide:

Note: Access to the CapIQ platform is not mandatory to complete any of the courses. 

Common Questions

Are there any data restrictions in my Capital IQ access?

The two-month free trial access to Capital IQ provides data for North American territory.

My trial access is up, but I'd like to extend my access. How do I proceed?

To discuss extending or expanding your access, please reach out to S&P directly at [email protected].

Can I request access to Capital IQ several times within my subscription period?

Please be advised that you can only request access to Capital IQ once, even if you renew your subscription yearly.

Can I request access to Capital IQ at any point during my subscription year?

Yes, you can access Capital IQ at any time in the year if you purchased the full-immersion subscription.

If I upgrade from self-study to Full-Immersion, can I take advantage of Capital IQ access?

Upgrades work slightly different. To take advantage of Capital IQ, you would need to request an upgrade at least 3 months before your current subscription is set to renew or expire.

How long can it take to process my Capital IQ request?

Your request for Capital IQ should process within minutes. If you never receive an email in your CFI mail box, you may send us an email at [email protected].