Setting Up Azure Studio Connection

Setting Up Azure Studio Connection

Azure Data Studio is a lightweight, cross-platform data management and development tool with connectivity to popular cloud and on-premises databases. Azure Data Studio supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, with immediate capability to connect to Azure SQL and SQL Server.

Setting up an Azure Studio connection is necessary for the following courses:

  • Tableau Trading Dashboard 
  • Financial Statements in Power BI
  • SQL Fundamentals

In this article you will learn how to establish the Azure Studio connection in the following steps:

Step 1 - Downloading  ^

  1. Install Azure Data Studio and access SQL Server.
  2. Select your platform from the options shown below:

    Downloading Azure Data Studiuo

Avoid clicking the Download SQL Server option at the top-right side of the screen and only choose from the options mentioned above.

SQL Server download which is not needed

For a video overview, follow this lesson here

Step 2 - Connecting ^

  1. Do one of the following when opening Azure Data Studio:
    • if you open it for the first time, the Welcome screen opens.
    • if the Welcome screen does not appear, go to Help > Welcome.
  2. Depending on the version you have, you can connect by one of the following options:
    • click New > New Connection 
    • click Create a connection 
    • click the top-left icon for creating a connection

      Connecting to a server
  3. In the Connection Details section, enter the login credentials.

    You can find the login details outlined below or in your student files. Please ensure that the authentication type is an SQL Login and  NOT Windows authentication.

    Authentication type
  4. Once the login details are entered, click Connect

    For a video overview, follow this lesson here

If you run into any issues, please follow this troubleshooting document HERE

For further assistance, please email us at [email protected] , and we would be happy to help. 

Authentication Credentials ^

The credentials should match the following:

Course Name Database User Name Password
SQL Fundamentals AdventureWorksDW BI_User CFI123456789!
Financial Statements in Power BI GLRetail_FinanceDW User_GLRetail 4bida522!
Tableau Trading Dashboard StockPricesDW ReportingUser CFICapitalPartners789#

CFI Capital Partners Stocks DatabaseServer: