Technical Requirements

This article will outline the tools learners must have access to complete CFI's courses and exercises.

Required Tools:

  • PC or Mac
  • Microsoft Office Suite (2016 or newer)
  • Stable internet connection

Specific to the BIDA™ program, in addition to the above requirements, students will also need access to the following applications for the corresponding courses:

Course Name Application Required
Loan Default Prediction with Machine Learning Anaconda Navigator (Python)
Data Prep for Machine Learning in Python Anaconda Navigator (Python)
Classification - Fundamentals & Practical Applications Anaconda Navigator (Python)
SQL Case Study - WOWI Sales Analysis Azure Data Studio
Power BI Case Study – CFI Capital Partners Power BI Desktop
Advanced Power BI Power BI Desktop
Advanced Tableau - Data Model Tableau
Advanced Tableau - LOD Calculations Tableau
Tableau Fundamentals Case Study Tableau
Power BI Fundamentals Power BI Desktop
Power Query Fundamentals Power Query (Built-in Excel 2016 or newer)
SQL Fundamentals Azure Data Studio
Tableau Fundamentals Tableau
Case Study - Financial Statements in Power BI Azure Data Studio, Power BI Desktop
Case Study - Trading Dashboard in Tableau Azure Data Studio, Tableau
Python Fundamentals Anaconda Navigator (Python)
Modeling Risk with Monte Carlo Simulation Anaconda Navigator (Python)
Loan Default Prediction with Machine Learning Anaconda Navigator (Python)

Common Questions

Will CFI™ provide access to the applications required?

No. Students will need to have access to the system and applications before enrollment. Except for Office applications, most of the software used for the courses can be downloaded for free.

I'm interested in enrolling in the BIDA™ program. I'm using Mac, which does not support Power BI. How can I proceed?

We recommend downloading Parallels to use Power BI and Power Pivot on your Mac device. You can see more information here. Power BI is also available with limited functionality online ( All other applications required in the BIDA™ program are supported on Mac devices.

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