Retrieving CPE/CPD Credits

For CPA members in the USA

To view the list of qualified courses, you can go to this page to view the list and the number of CPE credits that you can earn per course.

After completing each course, the PDF certificate to claim credits can be downloaded from your student dashboard.  Go to My Courses > Transcripts & Certificates > CPE certificates on the right side.

For CPA members in Canada, the UK, and Australia

CPD hours can be earned by taking any course on the CFI website, then reporting the CPD hours via your CPA account.

You can calculate how many CPD hours each course counts for by looking at the time to complete each course. 

The time for each course is noted on the course overview. 

As an example, the Fundamentals of Credit course has 2 hours and counts for 2 CPD hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retake a course next year and earn CPE/CPD credits from the course again?

Once you've submitted CPE/CPD credits from a course, you cannot retake the course later and earn CPE credits from the same course.

The course I completed does not qualify for CPE credits. How can I make sure I receive CPE credits from it?

Every January 1st, we submit our courses to NASBA for evaluation. This course may qualify for CPE credits after their evaluation. Although please note that you can only receive CPE credits for a course if you receive the certificate within 60 days of completion.

You can retake the course once it qualifies for CPE credits. Once you've completed the course, please reach out to us by clicking the 'Help' button from the bottom right corner of this page to retrieve your CPE certificate.